Water Damage Smithtown

Water Damage Smithtown

Water Damage Smithtown CleanUp, Drying and Dehumidification Process

You will see as part of the services offered by the best water damage Smithtown restoration companies is drying and dehumidification. While drying out your home after a flood may have obvious benefits, the dehumidification may be somewhat puzzling to those who may not be fully aware of the benefits it can offer.

The essential aspects of fully drying out your home are especially important if the damage comes from floodwater or sewage that is filled with microbes, germs, and bacteria that can affect the very structure of your home and the health of the people who live inside.

Water Damage Smithtown CleanUp Drying and Dehumidification

When your home is flooded, the water can seep into the walls, carpets and flooring where it may be absorbed if left in place for a long enough period of time. In addition, moisture or humidity builds up in the air which is absorbed by the materials in the ceiling and furnishings. Different materials react to moisture in different ways which means that while water-resistant materials such as plastics or aluminum may have little effect, other such materials like wood or sheetrock which is common in floors, walls and ceilings will generally have a debilitating effect.

Structural Damage: The longer that water is present on surfaces, the more damage it can make. Water weakens the integrity of wood and sheetrock which means that over time the materials may warp or even start to fall apart depending on their exposure. If the water should reach into the structural supports of your home, then the damage becomes much more expensive to fix and may even create a dangerous situation if not discovered.

Microbes: Standing water and even moist surfaces act as a breeding ground for microbes such as germs and bacteria which can affect the health of the people and pets inside the home. However, mold and mildew may be even worse because they can also affect the materials where the water is left standing. Mold in particular is dangerous because it can damage wood, sheetrock and other materials in the home while releasing spores that can harm the health of those who live inside. Left unchecked and homes infected with mold may become so structurally compromised that the house itself may need to be condemned.

How Water Damage Smithtown CleanUp Addresses Moisture

When recovering from flood damage, Water Damage Smithtown cleanup will use dryers and blowers to reduce the humidity levels in the home as well as drying out surfaces. This is important because mold, mildew, bacteria and germs have a very difficult time growing on dry surfaces. When combined with a lack of moisture in the air and the microbes will soon perish. This is especially true if the surfaces are treated with a disinfectant that further removes their presence from your home.

While it may take time for the drying and dehumidification of your home and furnishing, it is very important that all the moisture is removed to protect the integrity of the materials and the health of you, your family and pets. Call the professionals at Water Damage Smithtown CleanUp and Restoration Today for a FREE estimate and one hour response time.
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