Water Damage NYC

Water Damage New York City

Drying and Dehumidification Services for New York City Water Damage Restoration

Drying and dehumidification is a vital part of any residential or NYC commercial water damage restoration project and it needs to be performed by someone who knows what they’re doing and who has the right equipment on-hand. That’s because once any standing water is removed from the structure, the walls and floors may very well appear to be dry, but the fact of the matter is that drywall and wooden surfaces are quickly soaked thoroughly in any type of flooding.

This means that they will unquestionably hold onto a lot of moisture and begin to mold or smell, even after the visible water is long gone.

It’s imperative that the water be removed from these materials as soon as the standing water problem has been eradicated, in order to reduce the risk of it warping or swelling, or even starting to break down altogether. Since mold can grow in and on these materials quickly when they are left damp, it becomes doubly important that any water in them is taken care of by a properly licensed New York City water damage restoration company.

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As the drying and dehumidification phase of your flood damage cleanup begins, our certified commercial water damage restoration technicians will monitor the levels of moisture throughout the space and adjust their response plan accordingly. They have moisture meters that will leave no doubt as to where any water might be hiding and the techs are trained to manipulate the temperature in a space to make it dry out faster and less habitable to mold spores at the same time.

During the commercial water damage restoration process, high-pressure industrial air movers are used to force air throughout the space and will help to speed up the drying process dramatically. Meanwhile, dehumidifiers are also placed in areas with high moisture content in order to draw the humidity from the air and to reduce the odds of mold and mildew taking hold in the building materials.

24 Hour Drying and Water Removal Services for New York City Flooding Cleanup

Facing flooding damage to your home or NYC business is already stressful enough and with so much at stake, there’s no reason for you to try to handle a tricky repair or the commercial water damage restoration process on your own. All it really takes is a little bit of moisture being left behind for significantly more damage to occur without you even realizing it until it’s too late. Call the number below today and let us make sure that the proper drying and dehumidification steps are taken to keep your home, residential building or business safe to inhabit for many years to come.

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